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Is your computer running slow or acting up?

Let us give it a spring cleaning! Our tech experts will optimize your system, clear out unnecessary files, and ensure that your computer is running smoothly again. Boost your productivity and give your computer the refresh it deserves with our computer spring cleaning service.

Our $75 Spring Cleaning promotion includes:

• Full diagnostic and system scan

• Clear and prevent malicious software and spyware

 • Remove temporary and junk files

• Update drivers and optimize settings

• USB recovery drive

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Community Partnerships


Anti-Virus Software Giveaway

Sign up for a 3 hour support package by Feb. 28th, 2023 and get 1 year of virus protection with installation and tutorial.

Packages can be used in 30 minute segments consecutively or non-consecutively within the purchased year.

*Giveaway completed

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2nd Annual Student Giveaway!

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